We create cognitive software

At Beamak, we create and build Cognitive & Psychological Computing solutions.

Intelligence is a human thing. It can be defined by our ability to reason, make decisions and solve problems. These cognitive processes are linked to psychological features such as emotions, sentiments or needs. These mental states are providing additional context related key insights which once added to other available inputs will create a conglomerate of information, providing us with a mental representation of the situation, enabling our awareness and adapting our behaviors and actions.

We need to make machines more human !

Empowering your business

We strongly believe that cognitive computing is a positive technology and that it will bring benefits to many people and businesses.

To make sure that everyone can get those benefits, we decided to sell our solutions and services to a very competitive price. But this is not enough. We also want to provide our customers with reliable long term solutions and ensure service continuity. This is the reason why all our work is released under GPL license. This means that our customers will have the freedom to study our source code and adapt it to their needs. We empower them with the ability to build their own cognitive solutions and rely on the third party they want.

With innovative cognitive engines

We have created cognitive and psychological software engines able to analyze sentiments, assess emotions or human needs.

Our software can be installed on your premises or hosted on your cloud server. They all are able to handle unstructured data, detect languages and accept an unlimited amount of words. There is no restriction. You can install our solutions were you want and process all your data without any kind of limitation. Updates or upgrades are provided to our customers for free. We provide all necessary binaries, source code and documentation. We made sure that all our solutions can be used without any interface to proprietary software. You will find more information on our solutions page.

Facilitating your digital transformation journey

We help our customers on their digital transformation journey by providing guidance on how to plan and build cognitive solutions.

Our maturity model will help them defining their roadmap and our methodology will show them the right delivery path. We also help them by creating specific symbolic data structures to answer business specific use cases. Finally, our training on human cognition applied to artificial intelligence will help our customers to get the necessary knowledge on topics like learning, categorization, reasoning, decision making and problem solving. You will find more information on our services page.

Cognitive Computing is a positive technology