About us

Here is our story…

Providing help, assisting people, find solutions to problems requires that a given situation is understood. And this is really complex since many cognitive and psychological processes and features are involved. Our behaviors are driven by motivation, satisfaction, driven by what we need in a particular context. The challenge is to put these human things inside something immaterial, inside a machine so that this machine is able to act like a human.

Marvin Minsky, Cognitive Scientist, father of AI, founder and Director of the MIT AI Lab, said “ If you understand something in only one way, then you don’t really understand it at all. The secret of what anything means to us depends on how we’ve connected it to all other things we know. Well-connected representations let you turn ideas around in your mind, to envision things from many perspectives until you find one that works for you. And that’s what we mean by thinking! ”

We have to make artificial core human cognitive processes and psychological features with the intent to create cognitive software solutions able to understand what is happening, able to think and adapt their behavior based on the context where they operates.

It is with this intent that Beamak was founded.

All began in 1994, as Beatrice & Mark were studying cognitive psychology in Paris. Both, very interested in computer software and programming languages, founded an association called Beamak (for Beatrice & Mark).

During two years, Beamak created about 20 different free software which were distributed by the press. In 1996, Beamak received an award for the first ever made database which could be fed with unstructured information. It was just as simple as talking to a friend to input or search information. This software featured an innovative search algorithm made with fuzzy logic.

As Cognitive Psychologists, they both worked for the French National Center for Scientific Research and the Computer Science Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence before moving their career forward within the IT & Consulting industry, working for over 20 years for companies such as Andersen Consulting, Accenture, Cap Gemini or Hewlett Packard Enterprise, managing over 200 projects for the biggest European companies such as AG2R, Airbus, Areva, ASML, Bouygues Telecom, Europcar, France Telecom, Generali, Global One, Groupama, KPNC, La Banque Postale, LG, MACIF, Maersk Oil & Gas, Malakoff Mederic, Orange, Pole Emploi, Renault Nissan, SFR, Shell, Societe Generale, TF1, Thales, Total, UCB or Vodafone.

In 2016, Beamak became a company aiming to create artificial intelligent software products based on cognition and featuring psychological processes.

We would be very happy to help you soon on this journey.


Beatrice & Mark