Why are we doing something? What is driving us, motivating us to stand-up and act? What is our goal, our intent, when will we be satisfied?

Let’s take a very simple example: why do we eat? Because we are hungry! Our motivation to move towards the fridge is the hope to find something inside to put in our empty stomach. Once done, we will quit this activity and be satisfied.

But what if the fridge is empty? What if what is inside the fridge is not to our taste? In both cases, we will remain hungry and unsatisfied and our activities will be focused to get what we are looking for.

And it is the same for businesses and their customers. Better understanding customer needs is a key thing for each business. And it takes time to ascertain customer’s emotional and material needs. What would be the benefits for your business if you could analyze conversations, business emails, surveys or feedback’s and get an understanding about what’s happening and about what customer needs? Hereafter a MindMap about our needs.

And we created Lisa, an AGI, for this purpose: be able to understand in “real-time” a given situation and find the set of active needs to be satisfied. Everyone has a set of universal basic needs (about 40), with individual differences on these needs leading to the uniqueness of personality through varying dispositional tendencies for each need, creating an internal state of disequilibrium; the individual is then driven to engage in some sort of behavior to reduce the tension.

Knowing these needs will make it easier to provide to people what they are looking for and adapt the actions taken by the machine to the context. Below you will find a heatmap of an assessment Lisa made of Amazon customer reviews who bought a pullover.

Lisa AGI engine is a back-end component available on our SaaS infrastructure. To ease Lisa integration, several API’s are provided. No machine learning is necessary to use Lisa. Latest benchmarks performed showed that 11357 words are analyzed each second.