Mike / SaaS

Our servers are hosted by AWS on EC2 Instances. Our machines are prepared with a 64 bits (x86) Ubuntu Amazon Machine Image (AMI), current version 18.04 LTS.

Our software stack is only using OpenSource components available on GNU/Linux. No proprietary software is used, no additional license is needed (yes, we took care of your business case).

Back-End Software Stack

All our software are build using ANSI C (C11) and can be compiled and hosted on any machine upon request.

Our solution can also be hosted on your premises.

To make it easy for you to use our software, we created a real time engine called Mike which is acting as a daemon and which can be used as an API as well to transfer in a secured way your data (SSL). We added our encryption engine to this stack in case sensitive information needs to be manipulated. Logs are monitored by Mike and a daily usage report is sent.