Setting AI Free

The increasing popularity and adoption of artificial intelligence is one of the major trends observed in the global software market. Cognitive Computing is the next generation computing system.

At Beamak, we create and build Cognitive Computing solutions able to process natural language, learn, reason, make decisions and solve problems, translating unstructured data into key insights which can be further sensed, inferred, and predicted for best business outcomes, providing tailored recommendations of customer – product – interaction, throughout the customer journey.

For us, clients are first and our main focus is to deliver great value to them. We want everyone to be able to get the benefits of artificial intelligent solutions. This new technology should be made available to everybody. And this is what we do.

After three years of research and development to create innovative smart engines based on human cognition and psychology, we decided to release our work and giving you the freedom to use it to create the foundation of your artificial intelligent solutions.

This means that you will have following rights: the freedom to run our artificial intelligent engines as you wish and for any purpose, the freedom to study the source code and adapt it so it does your computing as you wish and the freedom to redistribute copies of those engines, modified or not to who you want.

We strongly believe that this will bring following benefits to your organization:

  • Enable artificial intelligence within your company
  • Provide you with reliable long term solution ensuring service continuity
  • Enhancing your service quality through access to our source code and algorithms
  • Give you the freedom to rely on any third party to support you

Providing to you this liberty is not only about giving you access to our source code. We think that this is not enough to ensure your freedom.

We made it easy for you to understand and adapt to your needs the source code. It is cleaned compiled, well documented and respecting programming norms and standards. You will also have access to our installation and user manual. These will help you to setup our artificial intelligent solutions quickly, either on a cloud server or on your premises. This will be your choice.

We also made sure that our solutions are only based on non-proprietary software. They are ad-free with no additional premium features for which you would have to pay later nor any license price or pay-per-usage fee. We also grant you with the same rights to have access to future updates & upgrades.

In order to provide to you all these benefits and to make sure that just everyone can have access to this technology, we decided that the price for this service should be the same as the price you would pay for a Pizza, so 8€ per day. This fee will ensure that our research and development work can continue so that we are able to provide you with innovative artificial intelligent solutions on the long term.

If you are interested, just send us a mail at so that we can setup for you an agreement to grant your access to our online repository.


Better understanding customer needs is a key thing for each business. And it takes time to ascertain customer’s emotional and material needs. What would be the benefits for your business if you could analyze conversations, business emails, surveys or feedback’s and get an understanding about what’s happening and about what customer needs?

And we created Lisa, an AGI, for this purpose: be able to understand in “real-time” a given situation and find the set of active needs to be satisfied. Everyone has a set of universal basic needs (about 40), with individual differences on these needs leading to the uniqueness of personality through varying dispositional tendencies for each need, creating an internal state of disequilibrium; the individual is then driven to engage in some sort of behavior to reduce the tension. This is the moment when needs become active and this is what Lisa is identifying.

And knowing these needs will make it easier to provide to people what they are looking for and adapt the actions taken by the machine to the current context.

Data can be provided in text or audio format. Assessment results are available within an XML file and if needed a user friendly report can be received over eMail or spoken by the machine. A dedicated engine will also produce heatmaps.


Understanding is a cognitive process and can be defined as a procedure of attaining knowledge about oneself or other people or of understanding the meaning or significance of something, like a term, idea, argument, or occurrence. Understanding is correlated with the ability to make inferences (reasoning). While representations are replacing physical objects by their corresponding symbolic representation (the prototype) to enable cognition, understanding will use those symbolic representations to find out a general meaning.

We provided this ability to understand to Lucy, an artificial intelligent engine. We based our approach on how information is acquired by our senses and processed by our neurons, on how information is used by mental activities or cognitive processes to be able to understand a given situation.

From any kind of verbatim (social network content, mails, blogs, interviews), Lucy will understand the content and provide you with a list of keywords representing the general meaning of your unstructured content, creating new knowledge and learn in real time.


Using a VirtualBrain describing your context, Alex is able to assess any text content to recognize and identify the meaning contained within unstructured text. We based this engine on semantic fields.

For some of our customers, we created dedicated VirtualBrains for their use cases to detect people sentiments, risks of customers looking at the competition or requesting support. Some VirtualBrains were also created to support content categorization / tagging.